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Professional Website Design

Our professional web design team can help develop a look and feel for your business that you will be proud to show off. All of our websites are customised to your business. All of our designs are search engine friendly, tableless (CSS), and W3C compliant. We can design in WordPress and Joomla as well, it all depends on your requirements.

In addition, we offer Logo Creation & Design services to properly brand your website in accordance with your business and the recognition you would like it to have.

Web Hosting

With our dedicated servers, we are able to keep your website online 99.9% of the time and we have trained technicians to quickly handle any issues that may arise. Our secured servers are home to business, personal and large websites alike.

At WebGods we recognise that our customers expect reliability and good value from us. It’s our ongoing commitment to earn and retain the trust that our customers place in us. We do this by delivering a hosting service that is reliable and consistent with a focus on infrastructure stability, performance value and good service delivery.

Website Maintenance

Websites need continuous refinement, improvement, upgrading and updating so they should not look old and obsolete.

Without consistent and regular updates, the design of your website becomes nothing more than a static brochure which does an injustice to the growing and dynamic nature of your business.

For Website maintenance email admin@webgods.co.za to get more info.

Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration isn’t hard but it can be time consuming. We here at Web Gods understand that running a business means a hectic schedule. With all the work you do, the last thing you need is more paperwork, so that’s why we take all the hassle and stress of registering a domain name for you.

New websites are registered every day-so hurry and let us register yours before someone else snaps it up and starts trading under your name!

Logo Design & Branding

One of the most important aspects of a website is a good logo and proper branding. Your company’s logo is often the first thing that catches a user’s eye upon landing on your website. It is generally recommended that your website’s logo and colors are consistent with how you have branded your company.

For instance, the logo displayed on your website should match the logo displayed on your business cards, vehicles, building signs and various other print materials. The more consistent you are with your branding, the better the chances are that potential customers will recognize and remember who you are.

Providing a consistent visual representation of your business, organization, or informational site will also make you seem more reliable, consistent, and trustworthy. It will also aid in your marketing and advertising efforts.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a growing trend in global marketing. With more and more internet users relying on Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to get information, these social media become the ideal place, and most powerful tool to spread awareness about your business.

Webs Gods provide simple, creative and efficient concepts and solutions for social media marketing in South Africa.